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January 23, 2019

Donald Trump trying to push his way into Congress with Nancy Pelosi Blocking him

012319a • Pelosi & Trump Shutdown Struggle • Randy Jones

Trump bashing Uncle Sam

012319b • Trump Bangs U.S. Head Against Wall • Martin Kozlowski

Blind Justice shocked to see social media

012319c • Reckless Social Media Justice • Martin Kozlowski

Women Candidates get off to a start in the Democrat Primaries

012319d • Harris, Gillibrand, Gabbard & Warren Run • Tom Hachtman

Did Russian Oligarch Deripaska Collude

012319e • Did Russian Oligarch Deripaska Collude? • Martin Kozlowski

Supreme Court Blocks Transgenders in the military

012319f • SCOTUS Backs Military Transgender Ban •

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