Presidential Elections

As we gear up for an election that might actually live up to the quadrennial hype of being the most consequential of our lifetimes, we'd like to review the last ten contests as they were pictured by Inx artists. Ronald Reagan's ascendancy marked the beginning of the 40-year-long Cold War against the American Liberalism born of the New Deal which may now be reaching Hot status. His brand of retrograde conservatism roused and outraged political cartoonists and helped spark the formation of Inx in 1980.

So we begin with Randy Jones' media star dreaming of military glory in 1980 and will end with whatever images we produce based on the outcome on November 3rd (or, soon thereafter, we hope.) You'll note several Jones cartoons here because he's our go-to guy as one of the finest caricaturists ever and because he has stuck by Inx longer than anyone. Included are two images of Bill Clinton from the 1990s by our recently-deceased and much-missed colleagues Igor Kopelnitsky and Horacio Cardo.

You can click on the color images to go to a page to see some of the other images of the day for context.